BTS REWIND 2021 | “We Don’t Need Permission” (Timeline)

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3 ม.ค. 2022






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The fact that we Armys gotta live through all of it. Cheers to a happy 2022 fill with laughter 🍾🥂 Bangtan and Army forever.
Book Hp
I'm probably the only crazy person sobbing whilst watching this. Just reminds me how much BTS mean to me and to see what they have accomplished in a year with covid and how they spent it healing all of us and providing us with sooo much! They did it together with ARMYs and even finally had a concert in person with us! I love them sooo much! Love this!!
Ahjusshi _Brown
I was just wondering if anyone would make a BTS rewind kind of video for 2021 and of course it’s Celeste that does it.
Book Hp
BTS kept us sane during 2021. I cannot thank them enough for everything the have done and continue to do for us. They will ALWAYS have ARMYs right behind them! I love this rewind because it shows how much BTS and ARMYs have achieved together! Thank you BTS for making a difficult 2021 more manageable. BORAHAE 💜
I’m so proud of what BTS has done this year, they’ve really changed a lot and now they represent Korea and won Artist Of The Year at AMA being the first asian act to do so
Zy ra
What a beautiful year. Hoping for more succes for BTS and for more happy moments together with ARMY. Stay healthy and happy everyone and thank you rosan for the beautiful video
Organic Cookie
The amount of content our lovely BTS gave us in 2021 was just incredible - and 95% of it for free!!
It was a heck of a year. So many milestones and so many memories. 💜
So many shows and lives and live preformances (OMG the scale for the preformances was insane) and singles dropping everywhere!!! This really puts into perspective how varied the spectrum of work BTS produce is!! 👏
mou jimenez
At the very end of 2020 I met this amazing band (literally in December) looking back to exactly a year I lived so many cool experiences and I'm super happy to that day deciding to check out their music, it's been a crazy but super special year where I discovered the whole "kpop" thing and my playlists changed so much and thy keep growing, seeing a resume of the year in this video made me realize how crazy and full of content it was, hopefully this 2022 has a lot prepared for BTS and army 💯💜
Alicja 123
i didn't think it will be so touching...
I just can’t believe it was a year ago since we all woke up to jungkook with blond hair. A groundbreaking moment that will forever be in the books
Random Fandom
Crying because they really were the highlight of my year. Possibly the highlight of my life too. Everything froze with the pandemic except for the bond we share, that only became stronger. I owe a lot of things to them, including me being where I am mentally today, so I hope and pray that everything good keeps coming to their way and for them to be happy always. Sending all my love to Bangtan and Armys. 💜
Samantha Natividad
Oh my God this must have taken so long to make! Thank u for making this Rosan, this brings back all the memories from last year 💓
This is how BTS kept us glued together during the pandemic with all the laughs! I would spend hours at night watching the shows, videos, listen to their music then slept like a baby at night. I will miss BTS 2021!! It was full of love and laughs, something we all need to survive in life. It's all you really need to make you happy! Love you BTS !!!!!
Apart from PTD on Stage (Online) in October being left out, I think you managed to mention most of the things that happened in 2021 and to that I really applaud you! 👏💜
Mariam Noora
u know, this vid put a HUGE smile on my face.... i have been grinning either like some lovesick girl or like a proud mom throughout the whole vid....
Joyce Aguilar
Seeing these images run through like this makes my heart warm and happy. BTS is my solace that keeps me company through the difficult times. Sometimes they are the only ones that make me laugh my heart out. Thank You BTS for making 2021 a bearable year, a beautiful year. Thanks Rosan for this video to remind me that 2022 will be a better one. 💜
Shaira Nuñez
Have a lot of memories with them in 2021. They make me smile when I can't. They make me realize a lot of things and to be myself and to love myself. Thank you BTS and for your parents and bighit staff who take care y'all, and thank you for showing and giving a colorful life and family for me and for many people around the world. Saranghae BTS! Cheers for another year with them🍻 - Rosem💖🦋
Linda Marie
What a year for BTS and fans! Their work ethic beats all.... looking forward to what is in store for 2022...
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