James Corden Gets a Lesson on White Privilege

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As James Corden shares ways people can help in the fight against racial injustice and inequality in the United States, one of his writers, Olivia Harewood explains how James's inherited privilege is a tool he and other white people can use for good.
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4 มิ.ย. 2020






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Phil Johnson
Phil Johnson ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
What is structural racism? And I refer to today, not some historical bygone era.
Thomas Levi
Thomas Levi 3 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
WMP White Male Privilege That's right, it's real and yes, I know I have it. But it's a super grey thing (like everything else), I have it but not as much as some other white guys and I have more that other white guys. Age plays a factor, even height and wealth of course but also if you were born in this country and how many generation in you are, myself I am first generation. But a friend of mine pointed out to me a privilege that, even though I know I have, I hadn't really thought about it, especially with my flurry of recent posts. Its not something I think about it because I have white male privilege and am of a certain age that I say what ever I god damn feel like with no worries about repercussions other than ruffling a few feathers because I can just say "Get over it" because I don't have to. I consider myself pretty self aware and aware of my privilege but I am occasionally surprise when it is pointed out just how much I have in some subtle ways that I don't think about but is very obvious to those without the same privileges. A friend of mine, who was not born in this country, disagrees about white privilege because of hardships he and his family has endured. He is the one who shared the video of the black guy who doesn't believe in white privilege. But if YOU don't believe in White Male Privilege just take a look around outside your bubble and ask yourself, HOW MANY people in power, how many corporate tycoons, business owners, elected officials, police, doctors, scientists, higher level educators, administrators, basically anyone who the general public looks towards as an authority position. LOOK at ALL of them and tell me what percentage are NOT white male and then consider what percentage of the population they make up. THAT my friend is white male privilege. Because even if you are a white male and you feel you have no privilege, consider a black man in your position looking at everybody in charge and seeing virtually no one representing him. Now consider ANY woman and it gets even worse. I can't explain to a white man who is struggling how he is privileged anymore than a black man can make me truly understand how institutional racism that has gone on for centuries has effected his life. It's kind of like climate change and evolution, you don't have to understand it or even believe it, it's still real and effects you in ways that are so subtle that it's easy to not see, even when you know it's there and are looking right at it. And if you still don't believe me, just look at STAR TREK universe, multiple series built on the utopian idea of equality and tell me what percentage of Captains and people in authority are NOT white males. And why? Because the population would not accept it, if it truly represented equality it would just be too unbelievable, too foreign, just too far from reality for people to relate, even the show really tried. I really wish the world were different. I with people could accept there is man caused climate change, I wish they understood evolution and realized they are just an animal with higher mental capacity. I wish people could understand WHY there is racism and who invented it (news flash, it was white men) and could "just get over it", but I can say that, I'm a white guy and have the self appointed authority to tell the world what is wrong with it. I just wish I had the influence, the power and authority to do something about it, but when it comes to enacting change, I have precious little privilege and ain't that a kick in the pants.
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 4 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
Hello Christain in a Christain majorty country. I am an out and open atheist in a Christain majorty communty. How about you check your Christan privlage before you make racist assumptions about people becouse of their skin color.
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine 8 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
If White, Black, Asian and Middle Eastern are considered ‘races’ how come no one has won them yet ?
G Matteo
G Matteo 10 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
Why is it about the black girls feelings. An argument should never be about feelings.
G Matteo
G Matteo 10 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
When does the privilege go away lollll so ducking stupid.
Strato Sphere
Strato Sphere 11 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
only losers see your "privilege" because they want a part of what you earned working hard.
Derrick K
Derrick K 12 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
Sharkz zy
Sharkz zy 13 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
One of these days I just want a talk show host to go off on a stupid person like that girl. Like she starts off with something like “the first thing about your privilege is” and the talk show host just says “no, fuck off bitch” and ends the call 😂
Maddogg 13 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
Everyone has a equal opportunity in America doesn’t matter of skin color
BRAVOZULU DWEST boathouse 13 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
AND they say the genocide plot against whites is not real the evidence is everywhere
BRAVOZULU DWEST boathouse 13 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
David Powell
David Powell 16 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
As Bernie always says.....this is a class war between the working class and the ruling class. You want separation and angst and distrust with the races? Make everything about race. You want the crazy Republicans to have something legitimate to bitch about? Make everything about race. The pitchforks are out and reasonableness and justice and fairness takes a back seat to being pissed off. Most of the entire country are stark raving out of their minds - both the insane Republicans and the woke neo-liberals.
Peter Smith
Peter Smith 17 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
What bullshit
Mike Teabag
Mike Teabag 19 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
"I'm the problem!" says James Corden. I would agree, since he is inadvertently pushing the narrative that all white people are mentally impaired.
Richard Hampton
Richard Hampton 20 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
Everett World
Everett World 21 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
Is it just me or does it really seem that all that white-shaming is designed to create even more tension and real racism because people are becoming more and more fed up at how they're treated and constantly insulted by far-left and the media? It seems like some people benefit from this racial debate and from trying to turn us against each other, even though people in the US tend to get along okay no matter of their skin color and we've come a long way for past 100 of years, but instead of just going forward we come back to these issues of basing our dialogue on skin tone - let's be real, it's moronic.
f j
f j 22 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
This makes me not want to watch his show anymore.....not that I ever watched it in the first place
NAWW 23 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
reported for hateful abusive and racist content
Vault of the Future
Vault of the Future 23 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
Lol according to all reports James Corden is a real asshole. So hearing his “sentiments” are probably the most cringe I’ve consumed in a while
Hans Keesom
Hans Keesom วันที่ผ่านมา
There is no such thing as white privilege. It is a term based on personal anectdotes but never proven. There is however majority privilege and in some countries the majority happens to white. In other countries being chinese or being russian of being black is the majority and therefore black has the privilege. Just check other countries then the ones with a white majority and you will see it is exactly that. Then you will also understand why intersectionality is making things worse for the minorities that are discriminated against. www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Majority%20Privilege
Richard Larson
Richard Larson วันที่ผ่านมา
Mind-blowing virtue signaling... PATHETIC!!!
Chris Peacock
Chris Peacock วันที่ผ่านมา
I mean it literally doesn’t exist as there is no evidence for it.
Pipe Major McQuinnon
Pipe Major McQuinnon วันที่ผ่านมา
That was appalling, I could barely make it to the end. Never liked Corden but this just proves what a spineless twat he is. Pandering to the identity politics lie that by being white you have gained an advantage over every one else. You don't need to look very far in history to know this does not end well. Group discrimination based on ethnicity is the very definition of racism unfortunately Corden is to stupid to realize it.
DO-ONE วันที่ผ่านมา
It's just like basketball and American football players are black privileged you get through the whole world deal with it
David Dave
David Dave วันที่ผ่านมา
It’s so great being white! I love it! I highly recommend being white!!!!! TOODLES!!!!!!
Arthur Garcia
Arthur Garcia วันที่ผ่านมา
So this is a joke. Right? There is no ways he would go this low, well actually, now that I think about it he probably does for he doesn’t get cancelled.
Tamarocker88 วันที่ผ่านมา
"White privilege means you don't have to deal with being racially profiled because of your skin color" That's news to me, given that the moment ANYONE speaks about anything nowadays, if their skin happens to be white, their opinion is immediately labeled as racist or bigoted or from a privileged upbringing. Don't have to deal with being racially profiled MY ASS. I am immediately rejected for any form of assistance, program, scholarship that has anything to do with [marginalized skin color or racial group here] because I'm white. When I'm told I'm not allowed to ask for help despite being as poor and down on my luck as another person whose skin color happens to be different, that's flat out 100% percent racial discrimination. Get off your high horse you racist moron. I don't even like James Corden and I feel bad for the guy for putting up with such a dimwit.
diablo93ib วันที่ผ่านมา
I believe saying you have privilege over all other races, because you are white, is racist. It's the equivalent to saying white people will always be better than me because of their skin color. Stop playing victim and blaming others.
Mr Deplorable2020
Mr Deplorable2020 วันที่ผ่านมา
This fake white privilege narrative isn't working on us anymore. It's a scam in order to gain political power and enrich yourselves through scapegoating and marginalizing white people. It's time you take the oppertunities this country has to offer. Grow up and stop blaming others for your failures and lack of effort.
Tony 99
Tony 99 วันที่ผ่านมา
Recognising your privilege is the new term for apologising for your skin colour.. that being white. What a load of BS!!
John roberts
John roberts วันที่ผ่านมา
I'm 58 and from the D.C. area. Never knew I had white privilege. That's cool and I'm gonna start using that shit to get ahead. Wish I known about it decades ago!
B dub
B dub วันที่ผ่านมา
What is white privilege? Is it getting a beat down in Macy's because you are white? Is it getting attacked with two by fours in front of your business because you are white? Is it getting chased and beaten for wearing political attire and because you are white? Is it getting blamed for race hoaxes? Is it that none of the above would get mentioned on the national news, where if the victim was any other race than white, it would be news for weeks? Is that white privilege?
Rocky Mountain
Rocky Mountain 2 วันที่ผ่านมา
I can't help the color of my skin but I can help my attitude. Why should I feel bad about my melanin level? Im not privileged in China or India or Mexico as a visual/ racial minority. Would I get harassed in South Central LA as a white person? Would I be welcomed at an Indigenous Pow Wow? Would I be welcomed at a Black Panther meeting? At a BLM planning meeting? Nope. Why? That's just plain racist. Post modernist craziness.
Hairy Mary
Hairy Mary 2 วันที่ผ่านมา
Fools. Liars. Show me the money.
joevv 2 วันที่ผ่านมา
it is funny after chauvin was arrested , there was a furious push to arrest the other officers they were just as guilty was the cry, silence is violence in ebonics is snitches get,stitches in the inner cities countless get killed and black silence fuels the violence i don't believe hypocrisy needs affirmative action meaning some get a pass some don't. stop hypocrisy in hip hop stop glorifying thug culture
James Watson
James Watson 2 วันที่ผ่านมา
God i hate james corden even more now!
foxhound13 2 วันที่ผ่านมา
Dude. Stop.
Moraine Kisenda
Moraine Kisenda 2 วันที่ผ่านมา
This is dumb
ThatViciousGamer 2 วันที่ผ่านมา
I'm mixed Latin American and this thing makes my blood boil so fucking much.
Tony Walton
Tony Walton วันที่ผ่านมา
You are partially white privilege. You should should use your (partial) white privilege to partially help people.
Liam lll
Liam lll 2 วันที่ผ่านมา
Never let another person make you feel bad
Liam lll
Liam lll 2 วันที่ผ่านมา
Did she use a strap on with him later?
Liam lll
Liam lll 2 วันที่ผ่านมา
White privilege shouldn’t be taken something It’s just something invented in the 1980s in the late eighties, when Peggy McIntosh, a women’s-studies scholar at Wellesley, started writing about it. In 1988, McIntosh wrote a paper called “White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming to See Correspondences Through Work in Women’s Studies Before then it wasn’t even a word, she’s just a bitter feminist with mental health problems, best not to take her too seriously
Chris C
Chris C 2 วันที่ผ่านมา
Im so sick of this bullshit. Enough is enough.
Rabblemuch 2 วันที่ผ่านมา
Look as an immigrant i know that racism is a thing and we should do something about that. But this.. this is very close to ridicule.. Yes white privilage is a thing... but videos like this... its disgusting... its staged.. its fake... im sorry i have nothing against james corden but pleaaaase stopppppp
Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton 2 วันที่ผ่านมา
Why doesn't he quit his very well payed job and give it to someone who's not white? that would be the right thing to do! if he was serious about helping!
Thor 2 วันที่ผ่านมา
White Privilege don't exist.
Jesse Gutierrez
Jesse Gutierrez 2 วันที่ผ่านมา
Wait Is this real? I know this guy is a comedian or something, he trys and is funny usually, but I don't know if he actually thinks white privilege is a thing.
Kyle karcher
Kyle karcher 2 วันที่ผ่านมา
White privilegeis just bs. I pay the same prices as anyone else. I went to jail when pulled over their was no white card I could flash to make it go away. I get cuffed for their safety when pulled over. My stimulus was the same amount as anyone else’s. How can an African American claim I’m privileged and will never understand when they aren’t white so THEY will never understand? I struggle to provide for my kids. I was treated poorly in my area because I was white so according to that they had black privilege right? No..... if you see someone’s life is better stop pointing the finger and take the initiative to change your life and stop blaming others because I’ve judged and treated poorly based on my skin color but I’m not sitting here saying oh all African Americans have black privilege because I’m in charge of myself I’m aware of that. I was treated poorly in a majority black area so I worked hard and moved to change my situation. But people will always cry that something is unfair, they see someone better off and make excuses instead of asking themselves well why didn’t I do that.
DJ Noy
DJ Noy 2 วันที่ผ่านมา
Depends on how you define "privilege." We all have advantages and disadvantages depends on the situation. For example tall athletic person may have privilege when it comes to basketball
dirtdiver5050 2 วันที่ผ่านมา
White privilege got me circumcised at birth without my consent! We are all being used by the elite. We are all victims of their bullshit! Stand together and fight back!
Essie Essie
Essie Essie 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
There is no white privilege. You can have a TV station called Black Entertainment with only black people. you can have the magazine with all black people. Black people can even get to go to college for free. you don't have to grow up rich just to make it in the United States.Just to name a few Larry Eldridge A great business man, Thomas sowell Economist , Dr Ben Carson Neurosurgeon, and Clarence Thomas Supreme Court Judge. Just to go back in history Jefferson Franklin long Congress from 1869 - 1871 and plenty of more.
Vahram Arshakyan
Vahram Arshakyan 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
2020 is The year of the fake "wokeness"
Sweet Sunshine
Sweet Sunshine 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
Minions of Satan
Sweet Sunshine
Sweet Sunshine 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
More white hate and white guilt propaganda. Thanks juice
Tetra Fagnes
Tetra Fagnes 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
How can people that are against racism can talk so much about race... and try to drive this wolrd to a communitarianism one, which at the end of the day will definitely create new tensions between people. Unfortunately this ideology is making its way in Europe with a result of an increase of violence...
A Freeman
A Freeman 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
I have BLACK privilage:- If anyone questions anything I say or do I can denounce them as "racist".
Edwards James
Edwards James 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
NBA = Black Privilege
Tiger IVI1
Tiger IVI1 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
I'm white, sorry about that. Maybe I should sell all my things and give the money to charity and live on the streets, at least then I won't have any privilege, oh wait a minute, I guess I'll still be privileged cause i'm white. Saying that someone is privileged because of the colour (yes with a u) of their skin is stupid, privileged should mean that you can enjoy your life without it being screwed up by someone no matter your skin colour. I know that slavery happened and that there is systematic descrimmination happening but that doesn't mean that people should bow down, and be treated like trash because of their skin. I still believe that one day we will learn that we all have a life, so we should all try to make our lives a little bit easier by being good (or at least neutral) to everyone we meet. Remember, nobody likes someone who has a chip on their shoulder and nobody likes someone that is too proud. If you actually read to the end, thanks for taking in my opinion
justin davidson
justin davidson 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
The worst acting ever
ItsNotArt ItsAnimeBish
ItsNotArt ItsAnimeBish 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
My brain hurts after hearing this liberal bs smh
J Vukovics
J Vukovics 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
Fascinating perspective.
Venom RUG
Venom RUG 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
I’m black and even I can realize that white privilege doesn’t exist and is just an excuse lazy people use
Trent Jackson
Trent Jackson 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
Explain how it doesn't exist?
Marco Dorian
Marco Dorian 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
Judging someone’s responsibility, accountability, morals and beliefs based on the colour of their skin is racist. This woman is the exact representation of racism. Period.
Mariella Barclay
Mariella Barclay 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
I've been around a long time. Racism is now at an all time high. Also, I would like to say goodbye to a great entertainer. I will never watch his show again. And the dumb ass you entertained in this video. Goodbye James! Best of luck to you in your career! Seeya!
L KS 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
Who are the lenders who base decisions about mortgage loans on applicants skin colour??? Or is this just a giant load of BS
modern studies
modern studies 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
Pocs on one side everyone else on the other please, come on ladies and gents get in your corners please
modern studies
modern studies 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
Share this crap with everyone you know please
modern studies
modern studies 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
This was supposed to be ironic funny , turns out it's just shite
modern studies
modern studies 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
James is a prize 100% 24 carrot C..t
L KS 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
No indigenous people living in their own homeland have inherent privilege. No european would go to an African country and dare bleat about black privilege. Neither would we expect that society to continually bend around us. God help us if we tried to turn the tables!
MP R 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
You're just asking for the middle American Taliban to rise up. They live for this shit, with their bunkers and their AR-15's. THERE'S FUCKING MILLIONS OF THEM. They train their little children to snipe Coke cans at 1200 yds. They have almost a trillion bullets at their disposal and they have Jezus on their side. You're just asking for it at this point, and as a minority, I'm afraid. Shut up. Just stop with this bullshit. They're going to fucking turn, man. They're going to fucking turn. I have no problem with white people. Just stop it. STOP IT.
Andrew 4 วันที่ผ่านมา
Just go back to Africa already and let the white world prosper.
SuitLoops 4 วันที่ผ่านมา
Go ahead,Pop that war off,yal WILL lose, Guaranteed,y'all have savagness,but the government isl just shut you down and you don't wanting a gov shutdown,trust,they get other countries involve if they have to,for that just move out the country while you can still,I am cause America is being trashed,it's like one of those crime scene police tape rooms nobody want to laying on the bed there
peter ryder
peter ryder 4 วันที่ผ่านมา
It's a comedy sketch. I'm not sure she's in on it though. If she is she's a very good actress, if she's not then that is evil, because he is doing such a wind up job on her. And you Americans, if you don't know what the British term 'a wind up job' means, look it up in a slang dictionary. And well, well, well, Master Corden can go close to the bone... who would have thought it?
5jamie 4 วันที่ผ่านมา
Men should talk about their feelings and emotions... but not to black people. Some of these narratives their pushing, I can't help but feel like black people are going to end up even more segregated then they have ever been before in society.
Adam Bakker
Adam Bakker 4 วันที่ผ่านมา
The crazy part is, I have no idea if this is satire or serious.
Ronald Cottrell
Ronald Cottrell 4 วันที่ผ่านมา
Please have your liberal reporter asked questions about white privilege to white people, make sure you wear a mouthpiece
Mick Dundee
Mick Dundee 4 วันที่ผ่านมา
Ummmmm.... I have had a hand full of jobs, where I was a minority, so that was BS, and yes, I am white, crying in the corner....
Valerie Zaleski
Valerie Zaleski 4 วันที่ผ่านมา
Go back to England!
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