Stephen A. sounds off following Tua Tagovailoa's injury | First Take

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Stephen A. sounds off following Tua Tagovailoa's injury | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Bart Scott discuss Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa's injury vs. the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 4 of the NFL season.

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29 ก.ย. 2022






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I like the part where the Miami coach said, "I would never put a player in harm's way."
When I watched the game last night I said to my wife exactly what Bart Scott said. I don't think I want to let our son play football anymore ,and how happy I was that it seems like he likes basketball more now. My prayers go out to Tua.
I am a Bengals fan and after seeing Tua lock up like that I was furious. Couldn't even enjoy the rest of the game. I just hope Tua is able to recover and live a normal life.
I swear my heart stopped for a second when I saw Tua’s hands after that hit last night. There’s absolutely no reason why he was out there last night after what happened just 4 days prior. None.
A fatality in the NFL will end up looking exactly like what we saw live on Thursday night...prayers up for Tua 🙏
Seeing that young man’s hands contort like that, horrifying truly horrifying. I pray that he can recover, and I pray that the Dolphins are held accountable for this negligence.
Dude was stumbling and shaking his head walking of Sunday. NFL just based on those images should have not let him back in. Dolphins saying it was his back should be ashamed, everybody else with the limited knowledge we have on the concussions, could see that he was some sort of concussed. The pressure of them being 3-0, Tua being doubted, all combined in to what has happened now....
Bart Scott hit this out the park!
I agree with Bart on this. Prayers to Tua and his family.
Risked it all just to ATTEMPT to keep a perfect record…😫😔😔🤦🏾‍♂️ I’m really keeping Tua in my prayers as he faces trying times ahead. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
I have been a legit Dolphins fan for 7 years now . I am completely heartbroken for my guy Tua . When everyone out there talk down on him I never did !!! They have a lot to say about people, comparing him to his draft mates and Tua has a better winning record than Justin and Joe . Joe did his thing taking his team to the Super Bowl I give him props for that but WINNING is what Tua all about ! Tua won over my heart to be the Miami Dolphins QB1 . I have a lot of faith for him never doubted him. What I saw last night maneeeee I shed some tears. Wow ! Things happens so fast when that happen I didn’t care about the game no more . hoping for an fast recovery for him and I hate that this maybe messed up his whole career I am heartbroken 💔
I agree. The flexing of the hands was scary. I've seen it before with head injuries. They allowed this to happen by the reaction they had last week. The concussion checks were supposed to prevent this! This is a young man, and this could be a life-altering injury!! No one wants to see this!! This is why Giselle wants Tom to quit! Because these injuries happen in seconds, and there's no getting your brain back.
Bart always comes with it. Stephen A. needs him on the show
Bart Scott Summed it up for everyone. That was explained perfectly and makes a ton of sense. Tia understands the potential dangers of playing but clearly the risk outweighs the reward. He’s still in his rookie contract and if he can stay healthy and produce numbers his and his Family’s lives will change forever when he gets that second deal. He’s probably been playing ball since he could walk and generational wealth is within his grasp. I pray he gets and stays healthy he’s seems to be a very likeable guy.
This kind of back to back head trauma is going to have lifelong implications for Tua. The organization needs to be held accountable for letting him play.
As someone who went through multiple sports related concussions over a few months 20 years ago, the most overlooked part of concussions, in terms of injury and consequences, symptoms etc. are soft tissue, ie muscle and nerve damage at the top and base of the neck, which looks to me like what might be a significant part of his injury
It is a really good point when he was talking about the parents' kids saying "why would we subject our children to this?"
Bart Scott had outstanding commentary about the situation.
I think it was more of the whiplash that caused the concussion than the actual head hitting the ground. He got swung pretty fast. Like they're saying, it's a lot easier to get a second concussion within a few days of the previous one. It didn't look like he hit the ground that hard. But either way he shouldn't have been in the game in the first place. I hope he's going to be okay.
That man hit his head on the ground, got up woosy, and they said it was his back 😩 Miami didn't have Tua's best interest at heart.
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